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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can join the Ring?

The Ring is open to all farmers, contractors; self employed workers, mechanics, advisers, hire firms and any business offering or demanding services broadly related to agriculture.

Q. How does the Ring operate?

The Ring office holds a central database listing all its members and what machines and services they have as well as a database of labour members. When a member contacts us requesting a service or machine we are able to match that demand with the nearest and most suitable supplier.

Q. The idea sounds good in theory, but can it work in practice if everyone wants machines at the same time?

The Ring is able to search for a supplier amongst a lot of members over a large area. There will always be a strong seasonal demand for certain machines and services but even in the most difficult of seasons there are always some people who have finished long before others and are looking for extra work. The Ring is there to co-ordinate and make sure that suppliers and demanders can immediately be put in touch with one another.

Q. I have spare machines at certain times of the year but I am reluctant to let anyone else use them. What do I do?

Most machinery today is highly sophisticated and needs skilled operation. That is why most jobs the ring organises will involve the supplier member providing both machine and his own operator. There will be some items of machinery that will be hired without an operator if the supplier and demander wish. Remember, the Ring is only there to match supply and demand, it is left entirely up to members as to which of their machines they offer, and when and how they are to be offered.

Q. What other services can Machinery Rings offer?

As well as machinery and labour, many Rings also offer a wide range of additional services such as commodity and fuel supplies, group purchasing, business services and training. Contact your Local Ring for details of services available in your area.

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